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We use Java for our acrostic application. If all you see on the home page is a big empty box where the list of puzzles should be, your browser may be having Java trouble. Read on.


There is another way to view the puzzles: our CrosticView player. It downloads automatically and safely to your computer, letting you solve acrostics without using the Web browser. In fact, it's so convenient you might want to use it even if the Web version works fine. Read about it and try it out.

Sun's Java Test Page

If you are one of the unlucky few who can't see the puzzles in either the browser or CrosticView, try Sun's Java test page, which attempts to check what version of Java your browser is using. Follow this link:

Java Test Page

After the heading "Test your JVM", you should see information about what version of Java you're using. Below that, you'll see Duke, the Java mascot, doing the little dance for which he is famous (in some circles, anyway). If you do see all this, but the site doesn't work for you, please contact us with the information you see on the test page, so we can try to figure out where we went wrong.


More likely, though, if doesn't work, the Java test page won't either, meaning that your browser is having problems with Java in general, not just our site. Check the relevant section for your browser below.

Let us know your experience using with other browsers. Hopefully, it will just work without any problems.

Also, if you are having trouble accessing Java in corporate environments, you may need to use a proxy server when accessing the Internet. The topic of proxy servers is too complicated for us to hope to cover it here, but the essence of it is that, in some configurations, your computer needs to go through a special gateway server, called a proxy server, in order to access the Internet. If the Java subsystem doesn't know about the proxy server, it won't be able to download the necessary information to run properly. Hopefully a knowledgeable person can help you set up Java with the proper proxy settings.