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Sharon Mountford

Sharon was born and raised in Glendale, California. With degrees in zoology from Rice University and UCLA, she has had a series of fascinating careers: research on the ultrastructure of the retina, representative for Leiter's Designer Fabrics, teacher and organizer of classes for gifted children, and administrator of the California Association for the Gifted and later of the Angeles Chorale. And, of course, full-time mom to the webmaster of this site, and his sister. Now she's a serious quilter, genealogy researcher, and board member for church and non-profits dear to her heart.

A fan of Saturday Review's Double Crostic puzzles since her days at UCLA, she enjoys creating crostic puzzles in her spare time. You will probably pick up on her diverse interests as you do her puzzles.

This Web site began as a son's attempt to help her with the bookkeeping of puzzle creation, and has now evolved into a way for people to play her puzzles, and those of others, on the Web, iPhone and iPad. We hope you like the result!