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Needed: Puzzles In Other Languages!

We think people in the non-English-speaking world should have the fun of playing acrostic puzzles on their computers and iPhones too, but sadly we can't speak other languages well enough to make word puzzles for them. Can you help us?

If you create puzzles in other languages, and you're looking for a way to share them with the world, perhaps we can work out a deal to split the revenues. At this point, most of our users are on the iPhone and iPad. We have enhanced the app to allow users to download extra books of puzzles from within the program. The app costs $3.99 (in the US, anyway), so charging an extra 99 cents for a book of 40 or 50 puzzles seems reasonable.

We will already have made our $2.80 for selling the program and our hundreds of puzzles (Apple keeps 30% of all proceeds). So the largest share of the 99 cents for the extra book should go to the puzzle maker. How about 50 cents for the puzzle maker, 29 cents for Apple, and 20 cents for us?

We guarantee that you won't get rich this way; we certainly haven't. At the current pace, the money would be in the hundreds of dollars per year, not the thousands. But the rate of purchases has shown no signs of diminishing (in fact, it's more than ever since the iPad came out), so the revenue could keep coming for a number of years. And this gives you a way to reach the audience of iPhone and iPad users for whom you would otherwise have to build your own app.

We could also create a special version of the app with your book pre-installed, and/or put the books on the Web site for people to play on their computers. Details of revenue-sharing would have to be worked out.

So if you are interested, let us know!