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We have created a special player application called CrosticView, which allows you to solve our puzzles right from your desktop, without going through the Web browser. Think of it as a plug-in, except that instead of viewing documents or playing audio files, you're doing something much better: solving acrostics!

CrosticView is compatible with most modern computers, so if you're having trouble the puzzles on the Web site, this may solve your problems. Of course, nothing's perfect. You still need to go to the Web site to buy books and read our documentation, and if have an account and want to access it, you'll have to sign in in CrosticView even if you've already signed in on the Web site (use the same name and password).

If you're ready to try it out, click on the link below. Your browser will download a little file, then a special plug-in called Java Web Start will wake up automatically, and the CrosticView application will be downloaded and started. This takes a few seconds the first time, but you can tell your computer to store the file locally so that it starts up quickly the next time. We have more detailed installation and support instructions if you're curious or run into trouble.

Bad news for Macintosh users, though. Starting with OS 10.8, Apple no longer supports Java Web Start with the default security settings. We will need to figure out a new solution for you. If you have an older OS you are still fine. Give it a try by clicking the link below. If it starts up, then all is well. If nothing much appears to happen, then Apple's gate keepers are standing stony-faced between you and your puzzles.

CrosticView works just like the Web site. You will see the list of acrostic puzzles, organized into books. Double-click on a puzzle to open it. At the top of the window are two buttons. One signs you in and out of the system, and the other opens the Web site in a browser window, so you can read the tutorial, buy books, and so on.

Download CrosticView