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About Us is a library of acrostic puzzles for your enjoyment. Some puzzles are free, while others are organized into "books" that you buy, just like you might buy a book of acrostic puzzles in a book store.

The main Web page displays the books in the library. Each book contains around 40 puzzles, organized by level of difficulty, from easy to fiendishly hard. Double-click on a book (or click on the expand icon) to see the puzzles in it.

The sample puzzles are free (to let you discover how much fun they can be!). Double-click on a puzzle to bring up an puzzle window that lets you work on the puzzle and check your solution. Our online tutorial has details on the rules of acrostic puzzles and how to solve them.

If your appetite has been whetted, sign up for an account. The account is completely free, and has two benefits. First, when you are signed in, you can save your work, in case you get halfway through the puzzle and want to return later. Just click on the Save button. When you sign in later and open the puzzle, your work will be there for you.

Secondly, once you have an account, you can buy books of puzzles using PayPal. When you buy the book, all the puzzles in it become available to you on the Web. You have unlimited access to them from any computer for three years. That should be plenty of time to solve them, right?

Because you might want to do your acrostic puzzles on the sofa, or on the beach, you can print the puzzles out to take with you. And because you might want to introduce a friend to acrostics, you can sign in to your account on two separate computers at any given time.

Welcome to the world of acrostics!


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