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This site requires Java. If you don't see the list of puzzles to the right, try CrosticView, or see our support page.

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Welcome to , where you can solve acrostic word puzzles online.

Once the site has loaded, the list of puzzles will appear in the box to the right. Double-click a puzzle to work on it, or click a link on the left to find out more information about acrostic puzzles in general and this site in particular.

If the list of puzzles does not appear, use CrosticView, or read more about CrosticView, which lets you solve puzzles on your desktop without using the browser (you'll still need to be connected to the Internet).

To view the acrostic word puzzles, you must use a browser that supports Java.

Crostix is also available for the iPhone.

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On the Web, check out Book Eight, with 50 more puzzles.

In the iOS app, look for the same puzzles in Books Twelve and Thirteen.

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